Team training is an integral part of developing as a player. As a club coach & professional trainer, I see the multiple benefits of this aspect of a player's development.  At team training, players learn general knowledge of the game; learning foundational movements, foot skills, passing & receiving with teammates, small sided application, team formations and more.  These are  all crucial to improving as a player; especially in a sport that requirements team oriented knowledge.

​Our Top private training program places emphasis on not just technical and tactical soccer IQ's but also on strenght & conditioning.

If you are looking to seriously improve your soccer skills and to be more of an impact on your soccer team this year then our Individual/Small Group training classes are ideal for you. Each class focuses specifically on all of the core skills required to be a successful soccer player. Working as part of a small group is a great way to really develop your skills. It is possible to focus a great deal of time and energy on developing the skills of the individuals in the small group.

This summer we will be offering a range of soccer skills camps at various locations. Each soccer skills camp is packed with fun activities designed to create a fun and engaging environment where participants can develop to their maximum potentials.

RESA MD Winter Training Clinics provide youth soccer players with an opportunity to continue their skills development during the off season. 
This  8-week program will place a strong emphasis on individual technical development. Consistent  with  the  ‘US Soccer Mission’,  the  ultimate  goal  is  to  not  only improve individual skill, but also build confident and  creative  young players.


Roger Elite Soccer Academy was founded to give a chance to every level players to live their passion, learn and improve while having an amazing time. Let's make you the next Soccer Phenomenon or train you to just have great life skills.

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